Errata for Practical Regression and Anova

Here is a list of errors in the July 2002 edition of the text.

Chapter 1

  1. p10. There are 35 not 36 missing values in diastolic
  2. p12. excess hist(pima$diastolic)
  3. p13. should read "diastolic on bmi and diabetes" and "diastolic on bmi and test"
  4. p13. "consider in later" should read "consider later"
  5. p13. should read "A regression of diastolic on bmi and test would involve one predictor which is qualitative"

Chapter 2

  1. p18. should read "shown in Figure 2.1"
  2. Equation should be \(y^T y - 2 \beta^T X^T y + \beta^T X^T X \beta\)

Chapter 13

  1. p152. The contents of the lqs package are now part of the MASS package.

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